Murcia Villas has over 15 years experience in property management and  property inspections both in Spain and the UK.  Our staff are bilingual in English and Spanish: giving you the confidence that we can make the builder understand the nature of the remedial works that need to be completed.

Explain to me what snagging is!

How much does it cost?


 What is Snagging?

The Pre Completion Inspection or Snagging of a property is an essential part of the final stages of your property purchase in Spain.  Builders and Developers allow purchasers between 15 – 28 days for new owners to notify them of any defects which then by law they must correct.  After that time the door closes on the repair of snagging defects by the developer.

When Do I Have to Snag My Property?

The best time to snag a property is prior to completion, and most developers or builders will write to the new owner with an appointment for them to visit the property to check any faults.

Some developers give a very short time frame in which to snag the property and very short notice before completion of an appointment which may not be convenient for you to be away from family or work commitments.  There will also be a second appointment to check that the remedial works have been carried out satisfactorily.  The costs of hotels, flights and time off work can soon add up and it is a wise idea to employ a professional company with plenty of experience of property inspections to carry out your Initial Snagging Report and Follow Up visit to check that the works have been completed.

The Process is Simple

  • The developer contacts you with a date for snagging, you ask to sign over a Power of Attorney to Murcia Villas
  • Murcia Villas arrange the Initial appointment directly with the developer and email you the details of the appointment
  • Murcia Villas attend the snagging and compile a report which is sent to you with digital photos of any major remedial works that need to be carried out
  • This report is emailed to you within 2 working days of the initial appointment
  • Murcia Villas will chase up the developer within 14 days and make an appointment for a Follow Up Visit
  • If the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard we will be able to sign the Completion report and email you a closing statement
  • If the work has not been completed we will continue with a Third Follow Up visit


Table of Fees
Property Price Price inc. IVA
1 bedroom apartment €195.00 €230.10
2 bedroom apartment €225.00 €265.50
3 bedroom apartment €250.00 €295.00
2 bedroom villa €250.00 €295.00
3 bedroom villa €300.00 €354.00
4 bedroom villa €400.00 €472.00


If you have any further queries or would like to talk to us regarding the snagging of your property, please
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 From Our Customers:

Thanks for the very professional snagging service you have provided.

Brian Gray