Post Referendum News for British Buyers


Sadly the United kingdom has decided to leave the European Union as the referendum final results came in early this morning.


How will it affect us, owners and buyers of property here in sunny Spain?


Well, to be honest, its very difficult to see that anything will change, certainly in the immediate future. Sterling has fallen against the euro but only to a general figure of between 1.20 - 1.23 which is where it has been for a majority of the time in the last 24 months.


We understand that it will be a 2 year process for the UK to extract itself from the Union and this must be balanced with the fact that Spain will certainly want more buyers of residential property from the UK and we know how important the UK market is for the Spanish leisure and tourism industry.


Spain welcomes buyers from countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Russia and China so we cannot see why there will be any limitations for UK purchasers. In order for Spain to continue on its path of economic recovery it will not want to close the doors on visitors and buyers of holiday homes here on the Costas.


I am also sure that those of us who have lived here for many years and have families here we will be happy to stay here. I personally always enjoy returning back to the UK to visit family and friends and watch the odd game of cricket when I ‘m allowed but, at the end of the day, my home is here in sunny Spain.


We all, at Murcia villas look forward to seeing you here on the Costa Calida soon and continuing to provide the same high levels of customer service, help and advice and "the key to your dream home in the sun”.    


Business as usual at Murcia Villas.


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