Portman Regeneration


Portman Bay Regeneration Contract Awarded for 32.1 million euros


News we have been finally waiting for - Portman Bay regeneration!


Our sources tell us that the the regeneration contract has finally been awarded for the sum of 32.1 million euros. For quite sometime we have been waiting for this much anticipated local infrastructure  project to start. Portman is a small village located on the edge of the Mediterranean between La Manga Club and the historical city of Cartagena.


For years Portman was an integral part of the old mining operations of La Union and the area suffered from uncontrolled dumping of sterile material into the bay until the mines finally closed in 1991. The work to be carried out will involve bringing the Mediterranean sea 250m closer to the village and importing sand to create a new shoreline. 


Chris Whent, Director of Murcia Villas La Manga with 8 years extensive experience of selling homes in the locality was quoted today “This is fantastic news for the area, for local homeowners and residents alike. I have been aware for awhile that this project was in the planning and of course we have been selling homes in the village of Portman at very competitive prices in the last few years. This huge public investment project into the Bay will have a massive positive impact on the value of this properties”