Energy Performance Certificates


Compulsory Energy Performance Certificates

EPCA Royal Decree was passed on 1st January 2013 deemed it compulsory for all property owners who wish to sell their houses to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate. The Royal Decree came into effect on 6th April 2013.

Murcia Villas have taken professional advice from Abogados Mare Nostrum. Eugenio Pedreño has attended the Conference of Architects in Murcia (09.05.13), petitioned the Registry in Murcia and taken advice from the Notary in Los Alcazares.

  • We believe that it is prudent for all properties for Sale by the Murcia Villas Group and not under offer after 5th April 2013 must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate prior to 5th June 2013. There is concern that Iberdrola will not change Title without the required EPC whether the property will be used as a Holiday Home or not
  • All properties which are let for more than 4 months (17 weeks) per year must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • All properties which fall into either of these categories must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate regardless of the year of construction, there are no exemptions for older or newer properties.
  • These Certificates will be registered with the Registry in Murcia
  • The Certificate must be signed by a registered Architect, Technical Architect or Civil Engineer
  • The Energy Performance Certificate expires after 10 years and will be need be renewed in 2023.


Properties under offer prior to 5th April are not required to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate

Properties which already have a long term tenant in situ prior to 5th April are exempt until there is a change of occupant

Properties that are occupied for less than 4 months per year

Non Exempt Properties

It is advisory for all properties that are currently For Sale and not under offer to get an Energy Performance Certificate.

The Notary may not be able to sign the transfer of the Title Deeds without this certificate, without prior agreement by the lawyers concerned


All Property Owners who are required to get a Certificate the fines for failure to apply for a certificate prior to 1st June are between 3.000euros and 600.000euros.

Agents must have a copy of the Certificate for each individual property that is being marketed for sale or for long term rental. Failure to comply will incur a fine of 3.000euros per property upon the agent.


Murcia Villas can recommend a Registered Architect who will apply for and obtain the Energy Certificate for your Property

The property will need to be visited and measured and tested and the report created.

Prices are dependent upon the size in square meters of the property, and payable to the surveyor.

Unfortunately if we do not hold a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate for your property prior to 5th June Murcia Villas will reserve the right to cease marketing the property, remove it from our websites, office windows and all property portals.

If you are using your own surveyor please send us a copy of the Certificate for our files.

We would recommend that once you have obtained your Energy Performance Certificate you pass a copy to your lawyer who will act on your behalf for the sale of the property.

This information is taken as correct as per 10th May taking into consideration the comments and feedback from the Conference of Architects and research carried out by Murcia Villas and Mare Nostrum Legal Services. It has not been taken from information posted in the local press or on forums which can be inaccurate and misleading.

If you would like our Engineer to make an appointment to visit your property and take the measurements and readings required for the EPC please contact us. If you would like to see a copy of the Certificate we have a draft copy on file which we can supply upon request.