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‘The Will to Live’ is an established Will Writing and Estate Planning company based in the UK.

We have a wealth of experience in the UK and in Spain. As a member of ‘The Society of Will Writers’ we have over £2 million of indemnity insurance. We are certificated by the Society and have gained relevant qualifications in Will Writing and Estate Planning using their examination board and are governed by their procedures and guide lines.

We have expanded our operation into mainland Spain in order to assist clients from the UK  in assuring their Spanish assets form part of their estate and their wishes are adhered to in accordance with their Will.

It is not usually necessary to have a Spanish Will. Most people are prompted to when they buy a property in Spain. They are not being given poor advice, but the solicitors and notaries are only considering the situation in Spain and not the whole picture. As a UK domicile you are able to bequeath your estate as you wish, so long as you have made a Will.

When a client has a UK Will and a Spanish Will they often contradict each other, making probate difficult and expensive to obtain in either country. It is also possible that assets are not left in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. This may cause stress and conflict just when families need to pull together in support of the bereaved.

We write your UK Will to include all assets in the UK, and then we write another Will to include all assets in Spain. We store the original of your UK Will and a copy of your Spanish assets Will in our purpose built facility in the UK. The Will written for your Spanish assets is registered with the Spanish authorities in Madrid.

This leaves you with a pair of Wills that make the application for probate simple and efficient in both countries and maximise allowances to ensure a cost effective solution.

We then review your Will every two years and contact you to ascertain if any changes are required.

You can contact us today, for help and advice along with a no obligation ‘Inheritance Tax Assessment’


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